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Home is the place of love, hopes and dreams. Home not only consists of four walls and a roof but it is a sanctuary. There is no other place like home. It is a place where you get to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Home plays an important role in everyone’s life and we all want to feel comfortable in our homes and that is possible if we design it well. Interior designing is the art and the science of enhancing the interior of a building to give it healthier and more pleasant look for the people residing in those spaces. Interior9 is ranked among the best interior designers in Mumbai.The work of an architect is to build structures and meeting needs of the people. Interior designing is an important part of architecture. There are different types of interior designers, but one of the biggest arenas for designers is Residential design. Residential interior designers are someone who would plan, research and implement those designs for spaces. It can include houses, apartments and bungalows. The job of a residential designer is to make a cozy environment to live in. If you are looking for residential interior designers in Mumbai then do contact us for details.


Who are we?

We at interior9 believe in providing top-quality services to our clients. Our main motive is to understand your needs and make customized plans as per them. We are the best interior designers in Mumbai with a team of experienced designers. Our vision is to become the number one interior designing company in India. We are a 360-degree solution provider of modular kitchen, false ceiling, paintings, wall-finishing, floorings, and civil interior work. We have an in-house team of certified residential interior designers in Mumbai who will offer you with the best services. We are a team with immense knowledge with respect to designing and application of the same. Our USP’S include; • Space management
• All round structured professional team
• Orderly process
• Customized design
• In -time completion
• Highly professional
• Continuous supervision

What Do We Do?

We are the top residential interior designers in Mumbai. Our services include:-
• All type of civil interior work
• Access control
• Fixtures and modular items
• All Carpentry work and fixed furniture (Wardrobes doors, TV units)
• All kinds of painting, and wall Finishing (Interior painting and exterior painting)
• Lighting and Electrical work
• Wall paneling and Partitions
• Modular kitchen and miscellaneous equipments
We provide commercial as well as residential interior designing services. We at Interior9 see to it that we deliver outstanding interior designs that are latest, stylish and ahead of the trends that will make your home look unique. Our designers along with the architects make it a point to convert your ideas into reality and meet your expectations. We are always bend towards completing our work on time and give assurity about the quality of our services.

One gets to save money by hiring an Architect

They are an investment to the project and not an added cost. Still wondering how?

• It’s because the architect first sits with the client and discusses everything that has to be implemented and is able to make changes before the construction starts. This saves money as making changes after execution can cost them.

• It’s because the architect can help you set a budget and help you to select proper materials and workmanship for the work to commence. We have qualified and skilled architect Navi Mumbai.

• It’s because they make designs according to your need and preference integrating creative style in the design.

• It’s because they help you to make proper selection while purchase of material. As they have in and out knowledge about which material can we get where and at better rate and quality.

Residential interior designing – Reform your spaces

Residential interior designers are professionals who manage interior designing projects for private homes from start to finish. It includes designing of kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining hall, and also home offices with custom furniture and home appliance designs in an innovative way that would give an attractive and pleasant look to it. They are the one who have excellent color balancing skills, knowledge of fabrics, style and trends. They have excellent communication skills as they have to deal with numerous kinds of people while working. They also have artistic and technical skills which are essential to create best designs and which are also the most suitable plan for the house. They possess knowledge about the materials and furnishings to create unique and latest spaces. They also have knowledge about the texture, color and various aspects to produce attractive interior designs for the spaces. Finding residential interior designers in Mumbai is not an easy task and the interior designing process cannot be carried out by everyone.

Benefits of hiring a Residential interior designer

Hiring a residential interior designer can make your place look good and pleasing both functionally and layout wise.
1) Saves money - Interior designers will prevent you from making costly mistakes. As they are experts and have better knowledge of all the interior designing things they will help in saving our money.
2) Professional assessment - They will give professional opinions and set an action plan for the entire outlook. As in such a field professional opinions are very important to avoid mistakes.
3) Budgeting and planning - An interior designer very well knows how to manage the expenditure for arranging and organizing the house, depending upon the budget of the customer.
4) Incorporating different styles- Styling your entire house on your own might be a difficult task but an interior designer will make all things work with professional skills.
5) You get what you expect - Everyone has a picture in their mind about the final outlook but it’s difficult to match it without the assistance of an interior designer. Interior designers will take complete charge of the project and give you the expected results.
We provide all types of interior designing services to our clients in Mumbai, Vashi, Ulwe, Kharghar, and Panvel.

Why one should choose us?

We believe in fulfilling our client’s expectations by bringing out the best out of each and every space. We ensure that each project is advanced with creativity, uniqueness, and expertise. We always want our creativity and uniqueness to stand out in the crowd. We offer end to end interior contracting services from the very first step that is building a concept to final execution. We aim to provide the best interior designer services in Mumbai. Looking for residential interior designers in Mumbai? Contact us.