Home Renovation

Architect Navi Mumbai/ in Mumbai:

House is the biggest purchase, one makes in their lifetime. Each one of us would love to live in a fancy house and over a period of time we would want to renovate it to experience change as everyone wants change after a point of time. Nowadays home renovation has become a necessity. For house renovation one needs to do proper planning, budgeting and implementation.


Why hire a professional?

After buying an expensive house hiring an interior designer would look expensive on the client’s side. Though it is not like that as we interior designers help you to plan and process everything uniformly. So it is advisable to hire interior designer for home renovation. Experts help you save your money in the long run and also help you to stay within your budget. We at Interior9 also provide with commercial interior design. Following are some key points that put emphasis on why one should a professional interior designer for home renovation. Quality: Our team at Interior9 ensures that the final result is of top most quality. Quality is a priority for every work you take up in your life. Every individual will first see the quality and depending on that will give you quantity work. Ideas: Our team at Interior9 has years of experience in renovating houses and is always in line with the trends. Coming up with new ideas is very important in today’s time as trends change within the blink of an eye. We at Interior9 have a team of experts handling out the whole process. Tools: To purchase the tools on your own will increase the over-all budget. Moreover, the equipments might be of no use for you once the task is finished. We at Interior9 provide with every tool required for renovating ones house. Time: Time is invaluable! If you tend to do all the work by yourself then it might take up a lot of time. But with our team by your side, the project can be finished within the stipulated time. As we have experienced employees to carry out the procedure.

Let's renovate your house the way you want

Commercial interior design or home renovation cannot be carried out easily, so instead of wasting more time in thinking, contact us or visit our website to check out our previous projects. Also let us know about your budget plans and we will surely go according to what you want.