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At Interior9, we will help you with Home and Office Interior Design in Navi Mumbai. We have all the motivation and counsel you require. Having a home office may appear like an outlandish dream, however, it's anything but difficult to fit one into your home when you know how. Whether you have a committed home office room or you're planning to make a work or hobby activity territory in your living room, lounge area or even room.

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Design and decoration are two faces of the same coin which have the valor to alter the way folks live their lives and have the vigor to make a revolution in the corporate world. Interior designing not only effects your workspace but also enhances your efficiency of work and comfort of life. All of us have an immense desire to have a sweet and beautiful home and we put a lot of time and money to achieve it. Most of us think buying luxurious furniture and having ravishing infrastructure can fulfill all requirements of residential and commercial interior designing. But it's not true, residential and office interior designing is much more than these deeds. Home and office interior work is in great demand in the market. Folks are highly interested towards interior designing of walls and various areas of their home and office. Office renovation task is assisting folks to renovate their old-fashioned offices to an innovative office wrapped up with modern technologies and environment.

How can interior design transform your life?

As most of us are aware of the inscrutable fact that Interior designing is a science and an art of understanding views and thinking of folks and transforming their space into an effective functional area within a building. It is much more than merely buying furniture and additives to enhance the beauty of the house. It deals with using site inspection, space planning, researching and using various 2D and 3D software to enhance the beauty of your building.

Residential Interior design: Innovation in lifestyle

Residential Interior designing is a science of reforming your home from space planning to styling and make your undressed home to a well-dressed one. It deals with arranging furniture in such an innovative way that it can flourish accent of serenity in your mind. It deals with choosing color and design of wall painting to arrange smooth fabric sofa in your home. It deals with the redesigning room, dining hall, kitchen, guest room, bathroom and complete home as according to your choice. It is a way of bringing dreams of the client to life by applying various concepts if designing.

Residential Interior designer: A professional

Residential Interior designer is a professional who is aware of all skills and knowledge of space planning to make the best use of space of your home. They manage interior design projects from initiation stage to perish stage by doing all the feeds effectively. They possess a business acumen and an artistic flair necessary for maintaining space. They are responsible for the design, layout, and decoration of your home to make your dream home. They have knowledge of wall painting, furniture, color and texture combination to make your home a newly renovated one.


Commercial interior design: An art to reform the business economy

Commercial interior designing deals with designing commercial spaces. These commercial spaces could be your offices, restaurants, retail stores, lobbies and various other places where you perform business and social activities. It can create visually interesting spaces and bring innovative parapet of interest into your workspace thus adding value to your business socially and economically.
You can opt for various designs and styles for office interior design. You can choose a Contemporary and modern design for tech-focused offices, corporate lobbies, and government buildings.
The designing process commences with the planning process, as commercial interior designer commences working with an architect to decide how your space will appear after designing. Then designers implement their knowledge and skills to your furniture and decor your workspace to meet your desired goals and expectations.

Reasons why you should undergo commercial interior designing

There are various reasons why you should opt for commercial interior designing for your business.

  • Office interior design in Mumbai gives you an opportunity to clearly demonstrate the goal of your business to target customers.
  • In the case of your hotel or restaurant or retail shop, a well-designed and aesthetic store will attract more folks to your infrastructure and thus enhance your income and profit.

Office and residential interior design are enhancing with great pace in Mumbai. Folks are keenly interested in making a revolution of change in their lives.


We, Interior9 have expertise in office and residential interior design in Navi Mumbai, Vashi, Ulwe, Kharghar and complete Mumbai. We provide complete motivation and counsel to our clients. Having a home office may resemble as screwy desire but it is possible when you right guidance and experienced designer with you. We have done expertise in making your dream come true of having a home office.
Our services are all types of civil interior works, all types of carpentry works and furniture works. We also deal in servicing of all types of false ceilings like POP, Gypsum, and grid. All types of wall painting and finishing service. We also provide complete flour work services like granite, Italian marble, vitrified tiles etc. We have expertise in electrical and lighting works in Navi Mumbai. We work on partitions and wall paneling and types of civil interior works. There are various unique selling prepositions we provide with our interior designing work to our clients these include high professional work, space management, project completion on time, 2 years warranty, orderly process and highly durable and unique designs.