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Why do people renovate their houses? There are many reasons behind it but the main reason is to feel something new and to get to experience change. Sometimes people do not want to shift from the place they are residing in currently, but feel the need to feel fresh so they renovate their houses. Interior designers give the house a totally new look and one won’t even understand that it’s the same old house. They are experts in designing, planning, managing and organising the whole work and are professionally trained to do so. So instead of changing to a new location one can renovate the existing place. One can get any space or corner of the house renovated without thinking twice. That’s what interior designers are for to fulfil the needs and wants of their clients. House renovation Mumbai is handled by us at Interior9. We at Interior9 are very precise in our work and one won’t face any difficulty in the future. We at Interior9 have an altogether separate team only for designing; we come up with amazing designs which are in trend. Home is a place in which there are many small elements included which makes it a huge space to design for. Home includes kitchen, bathrooms, dining hall, bedrooms, study room and terrace. A designer should have the eye to look at it as one element and then design so that there is uniformity and a single theme is being followed. We at Interior provide home interior work, so if you all are looking for a change in your life contact us.


Elements for Home Interior Design

There are 7 main elements in interior designing which are made use of when renovating or designing a house from scratch. We at interior9 make use of all elements while interior designing and have a professionally trained team for home interior work.
Space – Space is the most important element as that is the place on which the entire interior design process will take place. So every designer should be aware of the space that is available for them to utilise. The home interior designer should know how to utilise the space and not just fill every inch of the space with furniture. Doing this will make the place look too shabby and will fail to deliver a classy look.
Line – Line is the figure by which shapes and formed are created. Lines play a vital role in designing interiors for home, office, restaurant etc. This figure is classified into three categories namely: - horizontal, vertical and dynamic. Without making use of lines one cannot design effectively. Lines define the structure of the design that has been created. This is also termed as a very important element in interior design.
Forms – Forms are nothing but shapes that are transformed into various kinds of structure to make a totally different figure. Forms and shapes are important and by combining two or three shapes one can make create a form. Also by making use of pattern, texture and colours one can create numerous forms and shapes. A good form can also be achieved if one makes proper use of the elements line and shape. We at Interior9 have qualified professionals for home interior work projects.
Light – Apparently light is an element which has to be made use of. This is one element that will highlight the designs in proper form and show us its true beauty. Light element defines each and every other element like colour, texture, form and lines. As we all know there are two types of light form one is artificial and another is man-made. The balance between the two forms should be maintained.
Colour – Colour is an element which does not have to be specified separately. Colours give an aesthetic look to our designs. Colours are to be used in such a way that every other element looks enhancing. Each and every colour individually has a discrete kind namely hue, vale and intensity. An interior designer should be well aware of these types to mix and match and form a design.
Texture – Textures is also an element which is to be taken into consideration while designing. Textures are of two types: - Visual Texture and Actual Texture, by making use of these two types of texture one can make unique forms. Looking for house renovation Mumbai contact us.
Pattern – Patterns is the element which adds up to your interior designs and gives life to it. The element pattern is nothing but a formation of repetitive designs. It is also termed as the pattern of continuity and should be formed smoothly.

Benefits of Hiring Us

If one hires a professional and trained interior designer then he/she makes sure the client does not have to face any difficulty. If one plans to renovate their houses or design from scratch then they should always prefer hiring an expert for the work. We at Interior9 have a house renovation Mumbai team.
Money is saved – If one hires a professional then it becomes obvious that money will get saved. As he is called a professional for a reason, he will know in and out of what is to be done.
Single contact person – If the client wants to get updated regarding the work, then he/she has to contact only one single person and not go around asking every other person involved in the process.
Correct space utilization – A professional will know how to make use of the whole space in the right way. They will understand the client’s requirements and will come up with different designs that can be implemented in the space.
Pre-planned - Everything is planned in advance and a layout is created so that the client knows what it is going to look like. This helps the client to visualise the house before it is created.
Craftsmanship – Providing quality is the first thing any client will look at. We at Interior9 have skilled professionals who will be performing the craft work. Trained experts are appointed for the interior designing process to take place.
Home interior work is not a job which can be handled by everyone but at Interior9 we have appointed experts with thorough knowledge about interior designing concepts and parameters.