Furniture -

Integration of durable and space-justifying furniture and fixtures multiplies to the beauty of your Living/Working space. Interior9, we design philosophy which we use makes your home look young even after a long stretch of time at Navi Mumbai.

Our USPs -

  • Concrete Solution
  • In-line with the Interior Theme
  • Unique Designs
  • Highly Durable


An excellent House renovation Mumbai work will not let your eyes settle at one thing once you step into your room; rather the entire room will smile at you and feel like a fantasy.

“There is no place like home”

At interior9 we deeply follow believe in this thought and aim at making your home, your dream home. If you have recently shifted to new home or your home condition needs to be fixed asap then home interior work is must for you.

At interior9 we provide complete home renovation for all types of homes. We are expert in older home renovations & remodeling older homes and have been doing this since 2009. Whether you need a complete home renovation or want to renovate the sections of your house like bathroom, kitchen, living rooms etc you can completely trust our skilled and experienced work force, which have been doing this for 9+ years.
An awesome home interior work a call away from you.

As per the current scenario not every company is ready to take older home renovation projects, but we love to take up these challenges and remodel homes of all sizes. Right from doing roof repair work, fixing gutter system, replacing rotten trim to and renovating pathetic bathrooms we can do everything. We have also handled projects that only need kitchen makeovers, bathroom renovation, staircase construction, flooring work and kids bedroom renovation. Our services don’t stop here as we have handled big projects that need major interior or exterior renovation and sometimes the goal was to make the existing area look bigger and add more space to it, without compromising the place for necessary stuff in the room.

We offer you long list of designs and for every nook and corner of your house. Right from bathroom designs, interior designs, kitchen designs, bedroom designs and complete home renovation designs you have everything lying on your desk.
Not every company will be ready to take every project but we have dealt with all types of major and minor interior decoration projects and feel the responsibility of delivering the best service to you.

When you have hired the best house renovation Mumbai expert, from interior9 you should leave everything on us. You just sit and relax; we will take care of everything.

You can decide anything by yourself but for some things you an expert advice, so never hesitate to call interior9 expert team.

At interior9 we believe that home is a place where you share your bonds so we provide all types of services in improvising the look and feel of your home. Our major services include false ceiling installation, modular kitchen installation; house painting, Interior Work for offices, Homes.

You can browse our website to know more about our services or call at our customer care number. We have handled projects from all over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Maharashtra till date, you can read testimonials from our clients.
We are looking forward for your call.