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Things you must know before you install a modular kitchen.

Whether you love cooking or not, kitchen must be your favorite place in the house because we all love to eat food don’t you? But how can you make this place look pretty, spacious and cool? Don’t scratch your head! Yes I am talking about modular kitchen concept. Are you from any of the location like Panvel, Kahrghar or Ulwe, you just need to search by typing “modular kitchen in kharghar” or “modular kitchen in panvel” or “modular kitchen in Ulwe” according to your location.
A modular kitchen can do wonders for your kitchen and make it look pretty like never before and unlike conventional kitchen it’s created and redesigned as per the your kitchen size and the color and design that you like. Kitchen is not just a place where you prepare your meals so you need to think beyond adding cabinets and stylish utensils to it.
We understand that there must be hundreds of terms that will bounce from your head the very moment your interior designer is going to explain you the modular kitchen terms. We are here to tell you some helpful tips if you are going to install a modular kitchen for you for the first time.

• Firstly you need to understand the work triangle of your kitchen, by work triangle I mean how your three important items – refrigerator, sink and the hob are interacting and located in your kitchen. Well understanding them is not a big deal, as all you need to do is draw a rough sketch.
• The counter top height need s to be decided smartly, make sure that the distance between the cabinets of your kitchen and counter top should not be too wide as this will make things difficult for you only and handling the stuff kept in the upper shelf will become hard for you.
• Decide the color wisely, if you are choosing the lighter shades then you will end up cleaning the entire kitchen for whole day but that does not mean that you should blindly choose the darker ones. You need to understand that the dark colors attract heat.
• Ventilation is often ignored by folks but you should not be the one as this is the main source of air and light in the kitchen. I am talking about the natural one and when the heat is generated while cooking or frying then they are going to save you. No matter if you have installed exhaust fan or chimneys you still need them.


• Safety is a crucial part of kitchen and you need to ensure that your kitchen is a safe place to work. From proper gas piping to choosing a floor that is slip resistant, you need to ensure everything. Lastly your switch board should be away from the basin and stove.
• Corners are usually the most ignorant sections in the kitchen as we think that the space cannot be used anymore. But in the modular kitchen concept, you can use every corner of your kitchen.
• You need to handle your garbage well. If you want to keep your garbage out of the kitchen then you can install a steel dustbin outside your kitchen or if you want to hide this from everyone’s eye then you can install built-in bins behind the cabinet doors. While you are doing this, make sure that you are keeping the dry and wet garbage separately.

If you are living in panvel or kharghar location and looking for modular kitchen, then you just need to type “modular kitchen in panvel” or “modular kitchen in kharghar” as per your requirement.

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