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This summer keep up cool your interior via interior designing services

At this time of the year, the temperature increases in India at such a point that everyone wants to be in a place where it is a bit cold. The heat is increasing with every passing year and it has become unbearable. So we at Interior9 have come up with designs which can help you feel cold even during summer.We aim in providing the best interior designer service so if you are looking for one, do contact us as we are the top interior designer in Navi Mumbai. Here are some tips which can help you keep up the cool this summer.

    1) Try to keep your windows and blinds closed as much as possible - As the heat is increasing day by day it’s always advisable to keep your windows and blinds shut to not let the sun rays come inside the house. As most of the heat in the house comes through the windows and most of us do not realize this. This is one way to keep you summer still cool for you.

    2) Nature feels – One can plant trees in their backyard this also helps to generate fresh air in the house. This will improve the air around the surrounding of the house whether it is inside or outside and also keep the atmosphere cool and chill.

    3) Keep the decor cool –Colors can make a lot of difference so it is preferable to make use of such colors which are termed as cool colors for e.g. blue, green, purple are cool colors and they can help the whole environment inside the house to be cool. They give a very calm and soothing effect which will be beneficial for the people staying in the house.

    4) Keep yourself also cool – Wear such clothes with fabric that is suitable for summers like light cotton or linen. One should drink a lot of water and should shower at least twice a day. If you follow all these things then it surely can help you to feel cool and good. Home renovation should be done during this time.

    5) Colorful arts can be used – Utilize the wall space in such a way by hanging colorful arts, this not only makes the place look classy but also keeps it cool and vibrant which is very important in the summers as the temperature is rising day by day.

    6) Prints – It is one of the most essential element of summers, prints are mostly loved by all and brings a vibrant atmosphere for the people living in the house. So one can definitely incorporate prints in their home space to make it classy and elegant at the same time.

    7) Let your furniture breathe – One should not fill the space with furniture, there should be equal amount of space left among each of your furniture. Everything should not be squashed at one place; this won’t help to keep the area cool and airy. If you are looking for home renovation do contact us at Interior9.


8) One can have plants inside the house – One should also have plants indoor as this can make the air healthy to breathe in and also keeps the environment chilly which is all we want this summer. Don’t we? Keeping plants indoors can benefit in a lot of things so it is preferable to keep it like that this summer.

9) White can also look colorful – As white color indicates peace it can help to keep the atmosphere of the house a cool place to live in. Infuse white color with other colors and make white also look classy. White can also be used colorfully, so make use of it properly.

10) Granite and marble – This is the most common element it keeps the floor area of the house very cool to walk on. It is advisable to make floorings of marble and granite as it can make you feel good when you walk on it. This helps to give a cooler feel and that is all everyone wants during summer.

These are some tips which if you follow then it can your place be cooler and look classy at the same time. So the ones who are renovating their houses at this time of the year it is advisable for them to follow these steps for their benefit. We at Interior9 make it a point to benefit our customers in every way, and because of this we are termed as the best interior designer in Navi Mumbai, so if you are looking for interior designer service do contact us.