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How to become a modern interior designer

As everything around us is getting modernised so is every profession. The market trends are changing dynamically so we have to keep up with their pace. In today’s world everything is adapting modernisation especially residential interior designers in Mumbai and it has become a major aspect as well. If you are looking for Interior designer in Navi Mumbai, then contact us for services as we give the best home interior work designs. So here are some tips and points which can help you to become a modern interior designer, as modernisation has become very essential with the changing time.

    1) Modern Art – You can start by making use of modern art in your theme which includes combination of different colours and forms. Nowadays people love to experience the unique kinds of art form in their interiors. So modern art can be one thing that you can add in your list. We Interior9 are the best interior designer in Mumbai.

    2) Light coloured walls – Light coloured walls are also a part of modernisation, people love simplicity more these days. In fact light coloured walls portray more elegance, so always try to make use of white or grey colours for your walls, giving it a more subtle look. Residential interior designers in Mumbai should see to it that they know these points.


3) Line – Home interior work of modern times, should make use of lines that are simple and clean. One can make use of horizontal and vertical lines for the interiors. This enhances the look of the whole area and makes it modern to live in. Lines can define your whole structure so be careful while applying them.

4) Modern elements – One should make use of modern elements like concrete, steel and glass as materials. These elements will give a more modern look than any of the other elements. A glass finish gives more modernised look than any material and this is what a modern interior designer would do. One can contact us for details as we are the best interior designer in Mumbai.

5) Be jumble free – When designing a house do not just load it up with different kinds of furniture. In fact it is said that less is more, so always try to make use of minimalist things in your house. This makes the space look elegant instead of just stuffing it up.

6) Primary colours – Usage of primary colours is a must in modern interior designing. Colours like red, yellow, blue, black and white are the colours that should be used for the interiors. This gives a more aesthetic look to the whole interior space.

7) More gaps – There should be space when you settle the furniture in the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. One should always make sure to have gaps between the furniture. As if you fill the space with too much designs materials and furniture then it wouldn’t look so appealing.

8) Avoid patterns and prints – As I said earlier nowadays people prefer everything to be plain and simple and yet look enhancing. So according to the modern time it is better to avoid making use of bold pattern or prints. The house decor should be in uniformity rather than being dazzling.

9) Leave out the moulding – It is better to leave out the moulding and cornice as it has become a very unnecessary in a modernised home. It is better to make use of other patterns than this. Eliminating this will give our homes a more subtle look. Moulding and cornice have become old school now.

10) Huge windows – In today’s time it is preferable to have huge windows. As this makes the whole look of the house look cool and airy. Large window makes the house look beautifully structured. Also everyone wants their house to look and feel good so this is the way through which they can achieve that feel.

These were some of the points that are extremely important while designing a house in today’s modern time. So if you wish to become a modern interior designer keeps these points in mind before designing interiors of a house. As everyone wants to stand out while getting their houses designed, so these are the points which can help them stand put and look unique. If you are looking for interior designers in Navi Mumbai then contact us as we have the best interior designers who are in line with the market trends as well.