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How To Become A Modern Interior Designer


As everything around us is getting modernised so is every profession. The market trends are changing dynamically so we have to keep up with their pace. In today’s world everything is adapting modernisation especially residential interior designers in Mumbai and it has become a major aspect as well. Read More

  Interior9 |   July 1, 2019 |  How To Become A Modern Interior Designer

Digitalization Improving Interior Designing


Today everything is getting digitalised be it any field, each and everyone demands digitalization. As digitalization is the growing industry in the market. There will come a point when you will have access of everything digitally. As it has started emerging with other sectors, it has also started improving the process of interior designing. Read More

  Interior9 |   June 26, 2019 |  Digitalization Improving Interior Designing

This summer keep up cool your interior via interior designing services


At this time of the year, the temperature increases in India at such a point that everyone wants to be in a place where it is a bit cold. The heat is increasing with every passing year and it has become unbearable. So we at Interior9 have come up with designs which can help you feel cold even during summer.We aim in providing the best interior designer service so if you are looking for one, do contact us as we are the top interior designer in Navi Mumbai. Here are some tips which can help you keep up the cool this summer. Read More

  Interior9 |   June 08, 2019 |  Interior Design In Navi Mumbai

Benefits of hiring a turnkey interior contractor


For a house to feel like a home, making it aesthetically pleasing is imperative.The profession of Interior Design is relatively new, constantly evolving, and often confusing to the public. The best way to define an interior designer would be, A professional Interior Designer is qualified by education, experience, and examination to enhance the function,feel and visual aesthetic of interior spaces Read More

  Interior9 |   January 30, 2019 |  Turnkey Interior

Why you must hire experienced residential interior designers in Mumbai? – Interior 9


We all love colors and so is our home. An incredibly decorated home does not happen overnight. There is a deep and creative thought behind it and huge efforts of an expert interior designer. Read More

  Interior9 |   December 21, 2018 |  Office Interior Design

Things you must know before you install a modular kitchen.


Whether you love cooking or not, kitchen must be your favorite place in the house because we all love to eat food don’t you? But how can you make this place look pretty, spacious and cool? Don’t scratch your head! Yes I am talking about modular kitchen concept. Read More

  Interior9 |   November 27, 2018 |   Modular Kitchen

Give colors to your home with interior 9


Home is an art for the aesthetics and the interior designers are their artist. Space is where an artist works, where they work to fill the same. Interior designers are the people who possess knowledge of a broad set of skills which starts from technical terms to the design he imagined. Read More

  Interior9 |   October 27, 2018 |  House Renovation

Things that you can do yourself to renovate your house


We have often heard the phrase that “there is no place like home”. But have you ever thought of making your house look like there is no other house? If not, then you should and if you are searching for house renovation Mumbai experts then you are at the right place. Whether you need house renovation in Mumbai or an awesome home. Read More

  Interior9 |  September 26, 2018 |  House Renovation

Some good things about False Ceiling and why you must have it?


It’s been days and you have already wasted hours on the internet and can’t see the ratings for the good false ceiling Navi Mumbai service providers. Then you need visit interior9 website once. Before I should begin with praising our past work, you visit our website and read the testimonials yourself. Read More

  Interior9 |   September 11, 2018 |   False Ceiling


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