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At Interior9, we are the Best Interior Designer in Navi Mumbai India; to provide best interior designing services to householders and businesses in Mumbai. We understand this and this has been our objective; to provide best Interior Designing Services to householders and businesses in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and across India. Home is where we spend the best time with our loved ones.

Our USPs -

  • Customized Design
  • In-time Completion
  • Highly Profession
  • Workforce : Work Ratio Maintained
  • 2 years Warranty
  • Continuous Engagement

Our Services

  • All Types of Civil Interior Work
  • Modular Kitchen & Miscellaneous Equipments
  • Fixed Furniture and All Carpentry Work (Wardrobes, doors, TV Units)
  • All Types of False Ceilings (POP, Gypsum, Grid, Wooden)
  • All Kinds of Painting & Wall Finishing (Interior Painting and Exterior Painting)
  • Complete Flooring Work (Italian marble, Granite, Vitrified Tiles, etc.)
  • Electrical and Lighting Work
  • Partitions & Wall Paneling
  • Fixtures & Modular Items
  • Access Control


As we are aware the inevitable fact that Management is a science and art of making different tasks done in an effective and efficient manner. We use various theories of management to make our life more pleasant and get maximum output from it. The same method is followed while decoration and designing of interior and exterior of a building. It surveyed that all successful folks have managed all the materialistic things and manpower in an appropriate manner to get innovative and astounding outputs from their business or life.
Nowadays folks are highly skilled and enlightened enough and they know various strategies to make their life and business more comely. In this amorphous zone of the internet, folks are doing deeds to transform their way of living life and doing business. They are focusing more on interior designing and are aware of the pros of it. The same is been seen in Mumbai. This thinking and interest of folks towards interior designing have enhanced various interior designing services in Mumbai. Folks who are aware of interior designing from all aspects are taking right use if interior designing while others lacking in knowledge are still far from benefits of interior design services in Mumbai. We, Interior9 are here in Navi Mumbai to patronize you all get benefited from interior design services in Mumbai.


Interior designing: A science of managing business and life

Interior design is a skill of balancing aesthetic preferences and functional desires inside of a structure. It is an art and science of making your building look like you of your wish. Interior designing is not merely an embellishment of your space but it also involves managing your space in a best possible way by implementing conceptual space development using 3D designing, new technology, and techniques, implementing knowledge of textile and materials.

Interior design vs. Interior Decorating- What is the key difference

Interior decoration is the adorning and furnishing of space with beautiful things to enhance the beauty of the area. It simply deals with using color and textures to increase the aesthetics of building it don't deal with applying any Technical skills. On the other hand, Interior Design is an art and science of creating functional spaces within a building taking in consideration of people's behavior and their desires. It deals with using technical skills, management skills,and space planning quality to make the best use of space provided. The design responds to acknowledge physical location and social context of the projectalongwith coordination with the building shell. Designers can decorate a building but decorates can't design unless and until they don't gain expertise and concerned education if designing.

Why should I hire an Interior Designer?

Interior designer is a professional who is equipped with all the knowledge and creativity to make a pleasing and tranquil workspace for you as your requirements. He plans, coordinates, researches, manages all the projects concerned to the renovation of any site. Interior design is also a multitasking profession which encompasses various skills like

  • Conceptual space development
  • Space planning strategies
  • Programming
  • Researching new techniques and methodology
  • Site inspection

Interior Designing services in Mumbai

Mumbai is smeared with experienced and highly skilled professionals who have the ability to alter home and business infrastructure to an innovative and effective layout as of your choice. Interior designers provide services in both commercial and residential sector to folks of Mumbai and assist them in transforming their way of living life and doing business. Basically,there are two types of interior Designing services in Mumbai,

  • Commercial interior design service in Mumbai
  • Residential interior design services in Mumbai
  • Bungalow Interior Designer in Mumbai

Commercial Interior Designer service in Mumbai


Mumbai is bestowed with highly professional and skilled commercial interior designers who are assisting various businessman to achieve goals of their business and gain maximum profit from it and thus assisting in the nourishment of Indian economy. Commercial interior designing service in Mumbai is helping folks to resemble their goals physically among their customers in an effective and creative manner.

Residential (House & Bungalow) Interior designer service in Mumbai


Interior designers in Mumbai are highly specialized and extremely experienced to make you achieve your expectations from life. They are assisting in making the home look in the way you think if it. They are handling designing and decoration of dining room, bedroom, balcony, kitchen, bathroom and each portion of your home, thus enhancing the pleasure of your life.

How much do interior design services in Mumbai cost?

As the demand for professional Interior demand is increasing in the market the price per project of renowned interior designing firms is also enhancing. If you opt for top celebrity designers it may cost much more for you. But if opt for an entrepreneur or self-employed interior designer in Mumbai you can get highly talented and skilled Interior designer ata comparatively low price. They will assist you in achieving your all your expectations from interior designing project with the completion of the project on time with Excellent quality.
We, Interior9 have expertise in commercial as well as residential interior designing in Navi Mumbai, Vashi, Ulwe, Kharghar, Panvel, Kalamboli, Karanjade, Kamothe and entire Mumbai. We provide excellence in our services and are the a team of highly talented and experienced interior designers who are making thousands of building an innovative look and assisting folks in making their dreams come true in complete Maharashtra and India.We design philosophy that enables your home to look young even after long stretches of time in Navi Mumbai.
Our services are all types of civil interior works, all types of carpentry works and furniture works. We also deal in servicing of all types of false ceilings like POP, Gypsum, wooden and grid. All types of wall painting and finishing service. We also provide complete flour work services like granite, Italian marble, vitrified tiles etc. We have expertise in electrical and lighting works in Navi Mumbai. We work on partitions and wall paneling and types of civil interior works. We provide service in the modular kitchen and miscellaneous equipment and access control.
There are various unique selling prepositions we provide with our interior designing work to our clients these include high professional work, customized design, project completion on time, 2 years warranty and highly durable and unique designs.